Volume 12

  Fall 2011

   ISBN: 193680301-9




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   A Discussion with Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky on “SSA”
   Arthur Goldberg

 Why the Recent Modern Orthodox Rabbis’ Statement on Homosexuality is Unhelpful

   Joseph Berger

 Review Essay: “On Changes in Jewish Liturgy: Options and Limitations”

   Aryeh A. Frimer
   Tenure Rights of an Employee and Rights to Severance Pay upon Termination or Non-Renewal
of a Labor Agreement - The Beth Din Experience as a Case Study
   A. Yehuda Warburg
   Honoring Abusive Parents
   Mark Dratch
   Legislating Morality: The Prohibition of Lashon Hara

 Asher Benzion Buchman


 Abraham ibn Ezra’s “Yesod Mora”

   H. Norman Strickman

“The Scholar Rabbi Levi”—A Study in Rationalistic Exegesis

   Yitzhak Grossman
   A. A. Fraenkel’s Philosophy of Religion:

 A Translation of “Beliefs and Opinions in Light of the Natural Sciences”

   Meir Zelcer
   Tefillat Shav: The Limits of Prayer as a Means to Understanding its Transformative Nature
   Ari Bleicher

 Review Essay: “Iyunim be-Mishnato shel ha-Rambam

   Avraham Feintuch
   Moshe’s Mission to Pharaoh in Light of Rambam’s Hilchos Teshuvah
   Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg
   Who can discern his errors? Misdates, Errors, and Deceptions, in and about Hebrew Books, Intentional and Otherwise
   Marvin J. Heller
הלכה ומחשבה
  היחס בין התורה ודברי חז"ל והמדע החדיש
  גדלי' אהרן רבינוביץ

האם נביא רשאי לחדש מצוה דרבנן: בירור הלכתי והשלכותי בהגות הרמב"ם

   אליהו קרקבסקי