Volume 24


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Letters to the Editor


Historical Revisionism by the Families of Rav Kook’s Disciples: Three Case Studies
Eitam Henkin

Rav Hildesheimer’s Response to Ultra-Orthodoxy
Gil Student

Adversity and Authorship: As Revealed in the Introductions of Early Hebrew Books
Marvin J. Heller

A Tour of the Osler Library of the History of Medicine Through Jewish Eyes
Edward Reichman and Anna Dysert


Rav Soloveitchik’s New World View
David P. Goldman

Reinterpretation and Resistance to the Mitzvah of Tefillah
Asher Benzion Buchman

The Gaon of Vilna, the Ḥatam Sofer, and the Ḥazon Ish: Minhag and the Crisis of Modernity
Benjamin Brown

Teaching Mussar at the FBI
Cary A. Friedman

Why is there no kosher meat or poultry that is certified humane?
Heshey Zelcer and Malky Zelcer

Stunning After Slaughter by Rabbi Daniel Asher Kleinman

Pareve Cloned Beef Burgers: Health and Halakhic Considerations
John D. Loike, Ira Bedzow and Moshe D. Tendler

Apprehending the Divine Through the Religious Act: Rabbi Yaakov Anatoli’s Introduction to Malmad HaTalmidim
David Guttmann

In Search of Nimrod: Nimrod and Esau as Parallel Figures
Geula Twersky


“Our Salty Tears”: The History and Significance of an Interpretation of Dipping in Salt Water at the Seder
Zvi Ron


מצוות ביקור חולים: בין ביקור לחלופה (לביקור) ומה שביניהם
יוסי גרין

הקדמת רבי יעקב אנטולי לספר מלמד התלמידים
יעקב דוד גוטמן

מכתב מהרב אליעזר בלוך להסופר ש"י עגנון בדבר גלגולה של נשמה אחת בגרמניה
מלך שפירא