Volume 25


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Letters to the Editor


Kosher and Ethical Animal Products
Ari Z. Zivotofsky, Ari Greenspan, Elyakum Berman, Joe M. Regenstein and Doni Zivotofsky

Response to Zivotofsky et al.: Profit Incentive is Not a Halakhic
Justification to Inflict Cruel and Unusual Pain upon Animals
Heshey Zelcer and Malky Zelcer


Teshuva and Viduy: The Ambitious Method of Coming Closer to Hashem
Michael Rosensweig

Rambam’s Missing Mitzvah—Settling the Land of Israel
Asher Benzion Buchman

The Problem with Double Dipping: Ma’areh Sheni in Dyeing Tekhelet
Baruch Sterman

Does Halakhah consider female infertility an illness?
John D. Loike, Moshe D. Tendler and Ira Bedzow


Rav Yitzḥak Arieli and his Disappearance from the Circles of Rav Kook and Mercaz HaRav
Eitam Henkin

Why did the pasha give the keys of Jerusalem to the Chief Rabbi? An Exploration of the 19th-century History of Jerusalem’s City-wide Eruv
Meir Loewenberg


Do Human Beings Have Free Will?
Nathan Aviezer

Deconstructing the Lunar Calendar
Sheldon Epstein, Yonah Wilamowsky and Bernard Dickman

The Tallest Column: On Monetary Value of Stature in Jewish Law
Isaac Ehrenberg, Joshua Siegel and Dylan Erb

Probabilistic Analysis of the Propagation of Latent Mamzerus
Simeon M. Berman


Ḥokhmah and Narishkeit: Learning the Culture of a Declining West
David P. Goldman

Divine Perfection: Definitions of Shleimut
Michael Fine

Aḥarei ha-Pe’ulot: If we follow our hearts, then what do our hearts follow?
Yoni Gold


Erudition and Error in Early Ashkenaz: Did R. Eliezer HaGadol Study Avodah Zarah?
Yekusiel Gelley

Rambam and the Size of the Sun
Yoram Bogacz


Fathers and Sons and Wine: The Oedipal Complex
Rafi Vaaknin


הרב משה הלוי סולובייצ'יק ומאבקיו ב"מועצת גדולי התורה" ו"אגודת הרבנים" בפולין
אריאל פוס