Volume 9

  Winter 2010

   ISBN: 0-9765665-8-3




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   No, Rashi Was Not a Corporealist
   Saul Zucker

 Rashi’s Stance on Corporealism: A Response to Rabbi Zucker

   Natan Slifkin

 To Flee Or To Stay?

   Joe Bobker
   “They Could Say It, We Cannot”:  Defining the Charge of Heresy
   Natan Slifkin

 The Respect We Owe Each OtherFor the Sake of Our Children

   Aharon Hersh Fried
   Get-Refusal and the Agreement for Mutual Respect: Israel Today
   Rachel Levmore
   Mourning Abusive Parents
   Joel B. Wolowelsky

 Mishneh Torah—Science and Art
Appendix: The Order of Chapters in Hilchos Shabbos in Mishneh Torah

   Asher Benzion Buchman
   An Analysis of Rambam’s View of the Purpose and Goals of Talmud Study
   Yitzchok Shapiro

 Anatomy and the Doctrine of the Seven-Chamber Uterus in Rabbinic Literature

   Edward Reichman
   Counting Blessings: The Role of Numbers in Prayers
   Sheldon Epstein and Yonah Wilamowsky
   Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Non-Literal Interpretations
   H. Norman Strickman
  השמות המיוחדים
  יוסף יצחק ליפשיץ
  מכתב מן הרב משה סאלאווייציק אל הרב דוב כ"ץ