Seminar: A New World View Out of the Sources of Halakhah

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Heshey Zelcer Hakirah CEO and member of Review Board.
Coauthor with Meir Zelcer, The Philosophy of Joseph B. Soloveitchik, forthcoming by Routledge.
My encounter with the Rav.
Scott A. Shay Chairman and co-founder of Signature Bank, and founder of Chai Mitzvah. Author of "In Good Faith," 2019. Faith is Rational.
R. Meir Triebitz Machon Shlomo, editor of "Lectures on Genesis” The Halachic Mind: What did the Rav mean when he wrote “Out of the sources of Halacha, a new world view awaits formulation"?
Prof. Lawrence Kaplan McGill University The Rav’s Lectures on the Guide, and particularly the theme of the unified order of existence.
Prof. Daniel Rynhold Dean, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies The Rav and science.
R. Mark Smilowitz Hebrew University The continuity between Halakhah and religious experience according to the Rav's mathematical-scientific model.
Dr. Harry Ballan Senior Director, The Tikvah Fund Living historical religious consciousness as a source of knowledge in the Rav’s new world view.
David P. Goldman Deputy Editor of Asia Times. Has written extensively on R. Soloveitchik and Jewish philosophy for Hakirah and other publications. The Rav's Incomplete Grand Design.
Prof. Moshe Koppel Bar-Ilan University Comments on the lectures.
R. Dr. Stanley Boylan Vice-President Undergraduate Division and Dean of Faculties, Touro College Comments on the lectures.