Volume 11

  Spring 2011

   ISBN: 193680300-3




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   Women Rabbis?
   Hershel Schachter

 Orthodox Women Rabbis? Tentative Thoughts that Distinguish Between the Timely and the Timeless

   Michael J. Broyde and Shlomo M. Brody

 Rava as Mara de-Atra in Mahoza

   Yaakov Elman
   Reconciling Divergent Estimates in Property Assessment Cases
   Sheldon Epstein, Bernard Dickman and Yonah Wilamowsky
   Completing Creation
   Asher Benzion Buchman

 The Mystical Spirituality of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

   Heshey Zelcer
   Chimeras and the Limits of Casuistry in Jewish Bioethics
   Alan Jotkowitz

 Clarifying Why the Muscovy Duck is Kosher: A Factually Accurate Response

   Ari Z. Zivotofsky and Zohar Amar
   Methodologies Used by Poskim to Determine the Orientation of the Synagogue
   Aryeh Shore
   Aleinu: Obligation to Fix the World or the Text?
   Mitchell First
   A Proposal to Improve Rabbinic Decision-Making for Serious Medical Problems
   Brenda Breuer, Fred Rosner and Aaron E. Glatt
   Responses to “A Proposal to Improve Rabbinic Decision-Making for Serious Medical Problems”
   Shimon Glick and Alan Jotkowitz; Kenneth Prager;
  Gedalia Dov Schwartz; Aaron Twerski; and Binyomin Weiss
   On Reading Rambam in Brooklyn and in Haifa
   Menachem Kellner
   A Response: Reading Rambam in Haifa and Studying Rambam in Brooklyn
   Asher Benzion Buchman
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