Volume 23


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Letters to the Editor


Toward a Conservative Chareidi-ism, Yehoshua Pfeffer

Emerging from Isolation: A View Towards the Future of American Orthodoxy, Yitzchok Adlerstein


Hakarat Ha-Tov to HKB”H for the State of Israel, Shlomo Sprecher

An Appreciation: Dr. Shlomo Sprecher, Sheldon Epstein

A Note on the Original Title for “The Halakhic Mind”, Heshey Zelcer and Meir Zelcer
Errata: The Halakhic Mind

Mashiach ben Shlomo, Asher Benzion Buchman


A Note on Comforting Parents Who Suffer a Perinatal Loss, Joel B. Wolowelsky

Jewish Guidance on the Loss of a Baby or Fetus, Jason Weiner


Abraham ibn Ezra: On Seeing God’s Back, H. Norman Strickman

“If I am here, then all is here”:
Towards a Phenomenological Existentialism in the Rabbinic Law of Beit Hillel,
Hillel E. Broder and Moshe L. Lax

Embalming Jacob, Judah Landa


The Great American Eclipse of 2017: Halachic and Philosophical Aspects, Jeremy Brown

Jewish Ethics in Torah Reading: Balancing Hatred, the Ways of Peace, Holiness, Communal Dignity,
and the Obligation to Read Torah on Shabbat when Five Israelite Men are not Present,
Michael J. Broyde and Akiva R. Berger


Moral Intuition and Jewish Ethics, Anthony Knopf

Pre-Messianic Modifications in the Thought of Rav Kook and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Yosef Bronstein


The Halachic History of Coffee, Tea, Sugar and Chocolate, Ari Greenspan


Reading Shir haShirim, Ruth, Eicha and Kohelet, Zvi Ron

A Speculative Note on the Torah Reading for Fast Days, Ben Zion Katz


 לפני עיוור בדבר הנתון במחלוקת הפוסקים, שמואל טל

  גיור ללא כוונה לשמור תורה ומצוות כהלכה, קלמן פסח (צ'אק) דוידסון