Volume 26


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Letters to the Editor


Evolutionary Ethics: The Ta‘amei Ha-Mitzvot of Rav Kook
Don Seeman

Attitudes toward the Study of Zohar and Lurianic Kabbalah, from the Dawn of Chasidism to Present Day Chabad
Chaim Miller


A Categorization of Errors Encountered in the Study of Zemanim
William Gewirtz

Asking a Child to do a Melachah on Shabbat
Ari Z. Zivotofsky

Are Converts to Judaism Required to Immerse Their Utensils after Conversion?
Michael J. Broyde

Ibn Ezra’s Interpretation of the Garden of Eden: Reality, Allegory, or a Combination of the Two?
H. Norman Strickman

Did ArtScroll Censor Rashi?
Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg

From the Monarchy of David to the Children of Israel: A Comparative Study of Family Values and Legacy
Ricky Novick and Joseph Tawil


A Halachah in Mishneh Torah
Asher Benzion Buchman

Kaddish de-Sidra: Virtual Kaddish Embedded in Our Daily Prayers
Heshey Zelcer


Conditional Marriage to Prevent Suffering: Rav Yehudah Amital’s Approach
Sara Weinstein and Bernard L. Weinstein

‘Till Death Do Us Part: The Halachic Prospects of Marriage for Conjoined (Siamese) Twins
Reuven Chaim Klein


Jewish Opposition to the Ancient Gladiatorial Games
Stewart Rubin


Hormonal Intervention for the Prevention of Chupat Niddah
Deena R. Zimmerman


The Bedikat Ḥametz Kit: Wax Candle, Wooden Spoon, and Feather
Zvi Ron

השלמות למאמר: "הרב משה הלוי סולובייצ'יק ומאבקיו
במועצת גדולי התורה ואגודת הרבנים בפולין"

יעקב ששון

פרק בתולדות התהוותות ה'עולם התורה' בארה"ב לאחר המלחמה
משה מיימון

מיתוס הבוגוניה, התפיסה ההלכתית וההיתר לאכול דבש דבורים
זהר עמר