Volume 32


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Letters to the Editor


Jewish Thought

Maimonides on the Messianic Era: The Grand Finale of Olam Ke-Minhago Noheg, James A. Diamond

For the Love of Humanity: The Religious Humanism of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, Shmuel Lesher

The Search for the Elusive Center: Norman Lamm and American Orthodoxy, Lawrence Grossman


Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, z”ẓl

A Letter from Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik to Aaron Zeitlin, Eliyahu Krakowski, Heshey Zelcer and Mark Zelcer

Letters from the Rav, Marc B. Shapiro


History of Halakhah

The Repeal of Tosefet Shevi‘it: The Role of Discovered Traditions, Indirect Nullifications, and Asmakhtot in Annulling a Rabbinic Decree, Shlomo Brody

Matan Torah: What Was Revealed to Moshe at Sinai?, Aryeh Leibowitz

Jewish Law

Tax Ethics in Rashba’s Responsa to Saragossa, Dov Fischer

Criminal Proceedings Against a Jew in a Non-Jewish Court for Get Refusal: The Effect on the Validity of the Get, A. Yehuda Warburg


Talmud Torah

Solomonic Wisdom vs. the Letter of the Law: A Midrashic Reading, Shlomo Zuckier

Sefer ha-Tappu’aḥ, The Book of the Apple: Aristotle Expresses an Interest in Jewish Concepts, Marvin J. Heller

Shield of Abraham, Eliyahu Khanin

The Sanctity of Tefillin, Asher Benzion Buchman


Jewish History

Jews Not Allowed on the Temple Mount After the British Capture of Jerusalem: Tracing the ever-changing status quo, 1917-1927, F. M. Loewenberg



משה ו'משפטים': פרשיות הלכה כנרטיבה

נחמן לוין

האם יש חיוב להתאבל במקום שאין צער?

יצחק אברהם טברסקי